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New Poll Favors Dems by 19 Points

A new AP-AOL News poll shows a 19-point spread favoring Democrats in the mid-term elections that loom less than two weeks away. According to the poll, the middle class is fleeing the Republican party it sees as out of touch on domestic issues and overreaching on foreign policy.

Asked about the sour mood, Republican Speaker of the House (and the center of the Mark Foley investigation), Denny Hastert said, "Things are looking pretty good, and I don't think anybody would really want to change that at this time."

Jopining Hastert in blissful denial is President Bush who said, "November 7th is going to be a good day for the Republicans."

Nope, nobody out of touch here.



Bush, Rove, Hastert, et al, have to put on the happy face publicly, whatever they might think privately (or whatever it is that they do privately, thought seems to be in short supply with some of these guys), otherwise whatever is left of their base will not turn out on 11/7.

I don't think the Republicans have come this far to cede power in the wake of something as trivial as an election loss.

Prediction #1: If the Democrats actually take the House or the Senate, the results in the closest races will be challenged in the courts by the Republicans until something can be found to disqualify the results and ensure the retention of power. They did it in 2000, why not again this year? The Supreme Court is in their pocket.

Prediction #2: Fox News will simply report election "results" to their liking. Half the country will honestly believe them over the "lies" in the Liberal Media.

If the Republicans are going to pull any real stunts, now is the time.

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