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The Clinton v. Spencer Race Gets Ugly--Literally

Sen. Hillary Clinton's Republican challenger, John Spencer, is denying a report that he described the former First Lady and current Senator from New York as "ugly" and implying that she's had cosmetic plastic surgery to improver her looks.

"It's a fabrication. I would never call Hillary Clinton ugly," Spencer told The Associated Press. "That's outrageous. I didn't do it."

Clinton, who turns 59 this week, hasn't commented but her adviser Howard Wolfson said she has had no plastic surgery or similar appearance-enhancing work.Fugly as she goes.

Spencer was quoted in the Daily News saying, "You ever see a picture of her back then? Whew. I don't know why Bill married her."

I can't imagine why anyone would say a thing like that.



That picture is awesome! This reminds me of one of my favorite punk band names - "I'd Fuck Chelsea".

I know I'm probably just beating someone to the punch on this (as it's an obvious question), but why is it that whenever a politican's looks comes up, it usually is in reference to a female politican? Fuck, if looks were a deciding factor in who got elected, there wouldn't be anyone left in the House and Senate Offices but the interns and pages (What, too soon?)
I mean, look at this guy and tell me there's not a double-standard for women in positions of power in this country:



Ethics aside, Denny Hastert is a hot piece of ass.

I'd hit it.


His face almost looks like it was Photoshopped in. He's hardly changed at all! (Nice '70s outfits, btw)

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