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Ugly American, Indeed!

A simple post on the Real Ugly American succinctly illustrates how some on the Right continue to demonize all muslims and how easy it is to dismantle their inane arguments. All in one simple exchange between the blogger and a commenter. Nice.



Thanks for the link Derek.

I would appreciate it if could point out where I demonized anyone.

feel free to come back and disagree anytime.

Blog on!

Quoted from Real Ugly American: "No matter how hard they try to avoid it, the Europeans are beginning to realize they will be the first eaten by the crocodile."

The crocodile being, I assume, the muslims? No demonizing there...

I think there IS a point to be made, but you've missed it. Take the situation the Dutch are facing in that their very liberal society is struggling with the balance of a free (and biting) press/speech and religious tolerance. Printing an image of Mohammed led to riots and threats of violence. The publisher KNEW that would be the outcome and printed the images anyway. So, what was the right thing to do?

Personally, I favor the right to publish always and under any circumstance. It may be inconsiderate and maybe even irresponsible, but not as irresponsible as those violent acts that only further validated the stereotype of Islam as a religion of violence.

Instead, you went for the blanket statement and implied that Islam in Europe is a time bomb. It's not anymore than it is in Dearborn, which has had a huge Muslim population for years and years.

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