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Warner out of Presidential Race

Squeezing melons instead of babies.
Those who saw Governor Mark Warner as Bill Clinton redux—a moderate southern Governor with charm and smarts who could take the South in a presidential bid—just had their dreams dashed. Warner announced today that he would NOT seek his party's nomination in 2008. Citing the tried and true "family commitments," Warner passed on the Brass Ring.

While not ruling out a future presidential run, Warner admitted the obvious, "Things will probably never be as aligned as they are right now."

So who does that leave? Obviously Hillary Clinton (though I am in the minority who does not believe she will actually run, this despite her enormous war chest), Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, John Kerry, John Edwards, and a handful of others who have failed to grab any national attention.



Stuff like this makes you wonder how many sane, decent people would decide to forgo having a life in order to run for president.

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