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What if they Threw a Meeting of the Minds and Nobody Came?

You may have noticed all the headlines announcing that the President will be meeting with generals to discuss Iraq and possible changes in strategy. If you're like me you're wondering if this hasn't been going on the whole time. I mean, I would think the Commander in Chief would be more in touch with his generals in this "most important battle of our time" than once every few months. And of course he has. The difference now is that he's announcing such meetings in an attempt to diffuse the whole "stay the course" tag that's been self-branded and proving none-too-popular with the voters.

What can we expect from the meetings this weekend? A significant change in tactics to address the spiraling sectarian violence? Maybe some direction on hwo we can get those 400,000 supposedly trained Iraqi troops to "stand up" so our American troops who have been there for over three years, many on multiple deployments, can "stand down" and come home? Perhaps there would be discussion of the budget and how we can reign in war profiteers and better spend the American people's money?

Probably not, but if you're looking for more empty statements and poltical posturing, you're in luck.

"The president is not going to alter his approach based on political considerations," White House press secretary Tony Snow told Fox News, "but instead on the business of trying and moving toward having an Iraq that can sustain, govern and defend itself."


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