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Andrew Sullivan v. The Christianists - Round One

Andrew Sullivan is in a battle with some other online conservative meatheads over Sullivan's use of the word "christianist" to describe those who politicize faith. He makes an excellent point in his defense of the definition:

Yes, this term is an attempt to reclaim Christianity from some of its most vociferous representatives in the Republican establishment. When they use the word "Christian" to describe their politics of big government intolerance, I find it distasteful and offensive to my own faith. I have every right to take back a word they have defiled and invent a new one to describe their politicization of faith. Yes, it's provocative. But nowhere near as offensive as the Republicans' cooptation of Christ for themselves.


Althouse is an idiot.

Of course, the republicans who used to quote from Sullivan are now convinced it's all one Big Gay Agenda for him.

It's also interesting to hear about this "New England Republican" phenomenom--socially tolerant conservatives, your Chafees and Jeffords and John Deans, saying "Screw these nutcases."

Quite a piece of genius how moderates have been virtually marginalized in the last 12 years. But they're baaaa--aaaack!

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