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Bush and Webb Face Off in White House Meeting

I guess the honeymoon between the President and newly elected Democratic congressmen is just about over.

A couple papers are reporting of a terse exchange between Bush and Virginia senator-elect Jim Webb at a recent White House meet and greet. President Bush apparently asked Webb, whose son is a marine serving in Iraq, how his boy was. Webb responded with something along the lines of "I'd like to bring him home..." (the exact wording is in dispute) to which the President got pissy and said, "I didn't ask you that. I asked how your boy was." Webb's reaction varies in the reports with one saying he almost slugged the President and another saying he brushed off the snip with an equally terse, "That's between me and my boy." Either way, this should all make for entertaining hearings when the Dems take over in January.

VIA Salon's War Room

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