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Chop This Logic

President George W. Bush, during Q&A following a joint statement with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki:

". . .killers taking innocent life is, in some cases, sectarian. I happen to view it as criminal, as well as sectarian. I think any time you murder somebody, you're a criminal. And I believe a just society and a society of -- that holds people to account and believes in rule of law protects innocent people from murderers, no matter what their political party is."

So let's see. When someone from Group A kills someone from Group B because Group A doesn't like Group B, then that is, possibly, a sectarian act. However, it is also a criminal act. If this is not an act of war, then the person doing the killing is a criminal. More specifically, it is an act of murder. So a large part of the problem in Iraq seems to be that there are murders on the loose, not those who are fighting on behalf of or because of their religious or political beliefs. Which begs the question: Where's a cop when you need one?



So, does this mean that if I kill somebody and declare it an act of (civil) war, then I would not really be committing murder?

The other problem, of course, is that the rule of law by itself protects exactly nobody. People must choose to do the protecting in accordance (or not) with the law.

So what is called when you bomb civilians? Oh, sorry. I forgot: "liberation."

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