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Dirty Calls

The Big Day is here and already reports of dirty tricks are rolling in. John Conyers and John Dingell are demanding that the Justice Department, the Federal Election Commission and the Federal Communications Commission investigate misleading and harassing phone calls allegedly paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee. It appears that phone calls come in late at night or early in the morning and alerts the caller that "important information on a Democratic candidate" is forthcoming. If the caller stays on the line, the message gives disparaging info on said candidates. If the recipient hangs up they're bombarded with repeated annoying calls, thus making it appear that Democrats are harassing them. If true, it could be in violation of a number of federal election and civil rights laws.

In New Hampshire, the state Attorney General has ordered the GOP to stop automated calls to citizens registered on the state's Do Not Call list. The calls criticize Democratic congressional challenger Paul Hodes, who is locked in a tight race against Republican Rep. Charles Bass. State law requires the sender of the call be identified at the start and that automated systems not be used. "This is the same kind of dirty tricks we've seen up here in the last couple of election cycles," Hodes spokesman Reid Cherlin said.

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