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Let's Talk Shit

Join in on the discussion right here. We'll be following the coverage and commenting until we're too drunk to type. Let's get it on!



I've gotta say Wonkette has been pretty worthless today: http://www.wonkette.com/

Wathcing MSNBC's coverage and Bill Richardson predicts a massive wave of Dem governors. Chris Matthews responds by calling him a fatty. Gotta love Hardball!

How funny is it that so many pols have had trouble voting today. Maybe now they'll take this shit seriously.

CNN is discussing "the Lieberman Factor" -- Jesus!

i voted twice today. yay!

With 23% in, CNN has Webb ahead in Virginia (Senate) 49-50.

foxnews.com's coverage/graphic is such a joke.

As expected, Bill Nelson has trounced the Girl Least Likely, Katherine Harris.

Ted Kennedy also dominates, as always.

On the Rebulican side, Olympia Snowe and Trent Lott keep their seats.

In the last ten minutes, Jim Webb has gained 11,000 votes on George Allen to take the lead.

Sherrod Brown leads Mike Dewine by about 3,000.

Kennedy (D-Mass.), Lott (R-Miss.), Snow (R-Maine), Nelson (D-Fla.) Re-Elected to Senate

Dems take Mass Governorship

no surprise on those first two.

Tennessee governorship also goes Dem

i hope & pray people realized how dumb the dem/rep gov candidates are in minnesota & vote Ind

Fat chance, Matt

yah, it happened once before. not so good

Re: stem cells

Some dude on CNN called Rush Limabaugh "a drug-addled gasbag." Ha.

Ken Blackwell owned in Ohio. Nice: the two stooges who handed Bush his wins are now history.

not surprised by the backlash in ohio.

James Carville on CNN: "high turnout." Yawn. Looking forward to more Carville hilarity.

What the fuck is wrong with Tom Brokaw? He keeps yammering on about the Dems needing to be careful not to seek revenge and impeach Bush if they win the House. Pelosi has said loud and clear that impeachment wqas off the table.

i'm waiting till 8 to watch tv coverage. decided to watch 'good night, good luck' for the 1st time

I wish Carville was on MSNBC. I like their coverage better, but I love that bald maniac

Any news on Michael Steele?

Oh shit, Bill NElson got 60% of the vote as of 7:15pm CST. Ouch!

Dean is calm and boring tonight. Give us the scream!

Santorum campaign files formal complaint saying hundreds of Santorum votes have been lost. Watch for this to be in play for the next few days. Old Rick must be feeling the heat.

gotta be the gays' fault

Corker leading Ford by 3,000 votes with 3% reporting.

Well, at least Dan Savage...

Dems pick up Indiana 8th district.

'we cannot defend freedom abroad by abandoning it at home'


Who said that, Matt?

just saw it in good night/good luck. edward r murrow

MSNBC calls Casey over Santorum. NICE!

Oh, I thought someone said it tonight.

"You haven't seen a balanced budget from a Republican poresident in 40 years..."--Howard Dean

My, how things have changed. The Republicans have totally lost the fiscal conservatism issue with the last 6 years of accelerated spending. Could have long lasting impact.

Bob Mendendez beats Thomas Kean jr. in Jersey.

yeah, the rep's view on fiscal spending & small gov't has just been shattered since 2000.

Any big surprises yet?

Dean says one of the issues Dems will push is universal healthcare. Admits Bush would veto so might hold off until after '08 elections. Why? go ahead and push it and let him veto and then hammer away at GOP candidate.

Also denies Dems will raise taxes nor will they "cut and run" in Iraq. Pushes the Murtha plan. Matthews asks my favorite question, "if the policy in Iraq is such a mess, why have even one more soldier killed for something that diesn;t work? Why NOT pull out completely now? Why try to play the moderate card?"

Matthews is going balls out on dean right now.

Sherrod Brown, who went ugly against my man Paul Hacket last year, is declared winner over Mike Dewine in Ohio. Another pick-up for the Dems.

It took everything I had not to write in Ronnie Woo Woo for Cook County Board President today.

Now Webb is behind in Virginia (Senate) 49-50 with 60% in.

But, Jude, Todd Stroger shook my hand at the Western El stop last week. That's good enough for me!

That's nothing. I remember having a beer with Ronnie a few years ago at Ray's.

I ended up voting against Paraica.

HA! Joe Scarbrough just bitch slapped Chris Matthews for saying he hasn't been "fair and down the middle" on his coverage of politics on his show Scarbrough Country. As a former Republican congressman and outspoken conservative, Scarbrough correctly points out that he's been much harder on the GOP than the Dems. I watch his show and he ran a piece just a month or so ago asking if Bush really is an idiot. He was kidding, it was a seriosu question.

Gotta love when talking heads eat each other.

Stabenaw wins in Michigan.

Granholm projected winner over Amway boss Dick Devos!

blackwell conceded in OH!!!

AZ, WY, NY, NM, OH, OK, project Dem. Governors, per FOX News. Yipppeee!

Granholm's win is huge. Devos dumped upwards of $27 million into his campaign and ran on a single message: She fucked Michigan's economy.

It's horseshit, of course. Michigan's economy lacks diversity and is almost entirely tied to the auto industry, which has taken nasty hits in the last five years. She takes a lot of heat for not doing enough to slash the pro-business Single Business Tax, even though she has proposed deep and profound chnanges. DeVos ran on the idea that he'd toss it, nevermind that there he had no plan to replace the revenue lost and that Michigan is already runnin on a deficit.

This is ONE example of how money can't always buy power. It's pretty incredible.

CNN just blamed Lamont's victory in the primaries on BLOGGERS!

Lieberman projected winner.

Fuck Lieberman.

Of course it's bloggers' fault. Look at the POWER we wield!

amazing: ticker on msnbc: spears files for divorce! noooooo

Covered on GLONO hours ago, yo!

Ben Cardin projected in Maryland but the numbers they have posted show Steele winning 57% to 41%. Hmmm.

Cardin in MD (despite lopsided current numbers).

(Fucker! Beat me to the punch again!)

You snooze, you lose, bitch!

Yarmouth (D - House) in KY!

MSNBC's website reporting: Robert Traynham, Santorum's campaign spokesperson, told NBC News that Santorum was not conceding, stating that "exit polls have been wrong before."

jesus, mattews just completely ripped boston

'they prefered ice hockey to basketball when there were lots of black guys'

RI - Dem wins in Senate!

Corker? More like PORKER!

Damn, are those his daughters? Huzzah!

I'll bet they'd like to get with Harold Ford. I hear he's a playa!

Former House Majority leader, Dick Armey is already spinning this Democratic rout. He says teh Dems haven't really won anything because they ran on conservative values of smaller government and fiscal responsibility. One could of course infer from that the obvious conclusion that today's Republican party is neither of those things.

no shit DP. fuckin idiots

can someone put a muzzle on chris matthews? dear lord

Ha! I love Chris Matthews, even when he infuriates me with rediculous sweeping generalizations.

i generally like him too but dear god is he annoying me tonight.

Crist, who snubbed W yesterday, wins Florida Governorship.

Allen still leading but Webb is gaining.

Blago wins Governorship in Illinois.

What WAS Topinka thinking???

I think Illinois voters were uncomfortable handing the state over to a cigarette voiced boozer with clown hair and a gait like an infant. Ever watch her walk? She's teetering on disaster with every step.

never seen her. MN elected a muslim. can't wait to hear about this one tomorrow. especially from my dad & a few friends

Oh yeah. Ellison. I'm surprised.

yeah, i'm very surprised. there is a big muslim population in mpls/st paul but i'm not sure about the area where he ran.

Santorum cocnceding now and some hysterical lunatic in the crowd keeps crying "NO!"

Rick, on the other hand, is being rather gracious. Especially since he only carried 38% of the vote. There's the obligatory "thanks be to God" but I have to say I'm touched by the image of his daughter sobbing on the stage. Poor kid...

Isn't that girl on stage with Santorum (daughter?) a little too old to be carrying a doll? That's one nutty family...and one nutty EX-Senator.

You're evil.

And his son was crying like a little girl!

that santorum concession speech was disturbing. i agree with worps. too old

you guys are heartless!

You guys think the dems will take the Senate? I'm predicting no. I can't imagine that they'll get VA and MO and TN...

or MT. i'm saying no on the senate.

finally, buchanan arrives!

i love buchanan.

(PS - By PORKER I did not mean to imply fat, but one who surrounds himself with "porkable" babes.)

senate looks less and less likely

someone really needs to create a calendar of hot daughters of politicians

Anybody drunk yet? I'm getting there.

i'd buy that: at least one kerry daughter, the gore girls, the bush twins, john edwards' daughter...

not really. only had 3 beers & two to go.

hatch (MN gov candidate) had two hotties as well

Not drunk, sadly. I'm on first shift with the baby boy tonight

Oh snap, Norah O'Donnell looks smokin' tonight!

who's the gal who does the blog updates for cnn? wowee wow wow

Looking forward to her geting a little messier as the night goes on. Smear some of that makeup, mess up that hair, ha ha.

'zactly. She is my favorite.

you goddamn censor whores! why must my comment be sent to an admin for approval!? fascists

Rahm Emmanuel on CNN. He's lame.

What's not to love about Norah? She's smart, she knows her shit, she's foxy, she smacks dopes around when she guest hosts Hardball, she's Irish...

I also met Rahm at the El station once. I meet the most interesting people there...

I love Olbermann's special commentaries, but he just fucked up his retelling of the Republican's reaction to Clinton's bombing campaign in Iraq in 1998. He just implied that there were some GOP dissenters, but that by and large there was bi-partisan support. Is he high? The term "wag the dog" was never more overused than in that year.

Hillary Clinton is taking her victory lap now. I love Bill looming around behind her.

I wonder what she's going to do with the rest of that $20 million she raised for this blowout...?

hopefully not run for president.

Conrad Burns trailing in first returns.

Apparently, most Virginians are racists, and don't care about hiding that fact.

I'm a little sad my boy Ned Lamont lost to that dried up old heeb Lieberman, but Alan Sleschinger got raped, so I'm not to upset. Plus, Nazi Johnson lost to Chris Murphy, so it's nice to see my county finally give her the boot.

Sensing his party's majority slipping fast, Ken Mehlman just appealed to "victory Democrats" to work together with Republicans to address Islamo-fascism. Matthews correctly pointed out that what he really means is Dems should do what Republicans want, even though the majority of American's disapprove of the Administration's policies regarding Iraq and the war on terrorism.

Mehlman is basically saying the Republicans will be power bottoms from now.

MSNBC calls Dems officially take the House.

Halle-fucking-lujah. If it's true.

Was an election judge in Chicago today. Will update you on the craziness very soon.

Congrats on little Donovan.


here come the subpoenas.

Oh, do tell us about the madness. My polling station (Welles Park in Lincolcn Square) was fine. No problems while I was there. But the new ballots were odd.

Will submit an article shortly. But I can give you a teaser... how about a man dead for ten years still on the rolls? And his wife, dead for 4 - still there.

Chicago, my kind of town.

Stewart: Santorum has been raptured, thus his seat went dem.

Dems pick up 32 seats in the House and counting. Yeow!

Was he thanking god for getting his ass kicked? Perhaps he goes in for that sort of thing.

Prediction: Dems will win overwhelmingly in the House, fall short in the Senate, and America will indeed fall in love with alpacas.

Do you mean macacas?

I love alpacas.

Does your wife know?


So how are you guys feeling about Comedy Central's coverage? I'm thinking it's pretty lame. I thought Dan Rather was going to be a co-host type analyst. But he was just a guest. Boo.

Jude & I loved the "If you don't eat you're meat, you can't have any pudding." reference, but yeah... kinda blah.

YOUR meat. Whoops.

Oh, the Alpaca/Macaca exchange is golden. I was tending to the Boy and just checked back in.

Duckworth, the one-legged Iraq war vet Dem running for the house in Ill, is behind:


But the counties where she's winning have less precincts reporting at this point... Any chance?

Matt, I don't know why we have to approve your comments now. We didn't earlier tonight. Are you now posting from your second job at the porn shop?

I'm guessing she doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Or she may be waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Deosn't Duckworth have only one half-leg?

I think she still has a shot.

Allen and Webb have flipped. Allen is up by 3K.

Matt, if you use the word "blog" your comment will need to be approved.

Reverse that Webb/Allen thing.

Colbert's rant is good. We'll post the youtube tomorrow.

So it looks as though the House of Reps is in the bag. Can we get a big "YAHOO"?

My hopes are back up for the senate. VA, MO, and MT look possible... Maybe.

Looks af if MT might come through.

Wait. Stewart/Colbert is only one hour long, and then repeating? Fuck that.

Holy shit! Webb eeked ahead!

Jake, I feel your pain. Why was there only one half-hour of "Mr. Ed"? Those bastards.

Anybody familiar with Missouri counties?


Which counties contain the big cities (KC, St. Louis)?

Pelosi is about to speak. Shhhh. Let's listen shall we?

UGH, my night was just ruined; I live in DuPage and Duckworth just conceded. Roskam is yammering on about how he won, etc. Fuck...

Jake: none of those counties have the big cities. The ones that were listed vote primarily Republican anyway. St. Louis isn't on there yet, so there's a chance. Here in Iowa, Jim Leach (Republican incumbent since 1976) is actually in a dog fight.

How can she concede with only 50% of votes counted, and the vote 51% to 49%... damn. That sucks.

Murph, remember that GWB conceded in 2000. And then changed his mind. If the votes come in and Duckworth is ahead, she goes to Washington. Concession speech or no...

A guy can only hope... sometimes I feel so lonely, being a declared Democrat here in DuPage Cty. But the fact that the numbers are so damn close is really heartening. Go Tammy!!!

are you really getting drunk, Jake? You dog you!!

You know what bums me out? How the campaign ads here in Chicagoland were so stupid. Don't get me wrong: they were hilarious. But the "he wants to outlaw all abortions even in cases of rape and incest" and "she's just another raise your taxes Democrat." I mean, those ads must work, otherwise they wouldn't run them every 12 minutes. And if they work, then the voters are dumber than I'd ever imagined. We're a nation of fucking simplistic morons.

...aaaand Jake just woke up.

(Murph, just a healthy little Election Night buzz. Not drunk. I could totally drive Jolie to the hospital if need be.)

Jake, a) those ads unfortunately work, but only to a degree, and b) yes, voters are sometimes as dumb as you imagine them to be. It takes a bit of work to actually research the issues, the TRUTH behind the negative campaigns, and to go to the polls ultimately informed. In Tennessee, apparently the Republican party put a commercial on the air that inferred that a blonde, white woman "knew personally" Mr. Ford, the black Democratic candidate. Playing on any sort of lingering racism like that (that the races shouldn't mix) is the lowest of low, but I'm sure those commercials didn't do Ford's campaign any favors, esp. seeing as he lost.

Marshall McLuhan was right; the medium is indeed the message.

CNN's giving TN to the GOP.

Historically speaking, negative ads have always worked. It's just too easy to manipulate soundbites and distort voting records.

Personally, I am quite entertained by negative ads. As a citizen, I know they do absolutely nothing to inform the public.

George Allen just made a call for supporters to go "Florida" on election officials by saying "I know you'll all be watching the count like hawks and eagles."

With 99% in, Webb leads by 2,265 of over 2.2 million cast. It's going to be a long night some Virginia election officials.

The same people who vote because of ads are the same people who buy Irish Spring because they think it will make them magically delicious. Some people are fools. Always have been. But some of us vote on the issues, not the ads. Don't get jaded so soon Jake. Wait till you've passed 40.

So what happens if the last three (VA, MO, & MT) goes to Dems? What part would Lieberman play in that landscape?

The Lieb will go with the Dems. And they'll be happy to kiss his ass.

Michigan voted to end Affirmative Action?

Either way, Lieberman's position is actually enhanced in all this. If they come to a tie, he can cast deciding vote for either side. If Dems pull ahead, it won't be by much and then discipline will mean everything. Same goes for the Republicans holding the Senate--it won't be by more than three and the two Independent votes will be crucial.

So, after all this, Lieberman has more than he had before he lost the fucking primary.

Howard Fineman needs to step back from the hair dye.

We're not going to know who won the Senate tonight, are we?

MT leaning Republican.

No, we're not likely to know tonight. Virginia is a guaranteed recount situation and that will take weeks.

Consumate meathead JD Hayworth in Arizona got sacked too. Nice!

If Michigan voted to end Affirmitive Action, I wonder if that has anything to do with any sort of hangover the state might have about the racial quotas that U of M had that caused such a stir years ago...?

Detroit News says affirmative action vote too close to call.

I'm just trying to figure out if I should have another drink or just go to sleep...

Dem leads in Missouri

Of course you should have another drink. Missouri may still come in.

Hey all, thanks for participating in this. Jake and I were just talkign about how much fun it's been and I think we're going to start doing this over on GLONO with some other events like awards shows and maybe even the OC!

It's been awesome and we're hanging in a for a while more.

Webb just annuonced that he won...

I switched over to local Chicago NBC news and it's a nice change.

MSNBC says Webb claims victory in Virginia. Perhaps he learned something from the 2000 recount fiasco. Like property, possession appears to be 90% of election law.

Michael Sneed is blaming Topinka's loss on her orange makeup!

Dem Tester in MT leading by 15,000 votes. Might be another in the bag.

Ford conceding in Tenn now. Really too bad about that. What an ugly, ugly fucking campaign Corker ran against him.

SNEED! That's awesome.

Well, it's been nice playing the game D & J. No parting prizes? Damn, Jude says it's a weekend at the space w/ all the free "Girls Gone Wild" one could possibly hope/hate to watch.

Will bring bleach and hand sanitizer.. for himself.



Harold Ford Jr is a gracious man and I predict we haven't seen the last of him. Dude's only 36 years old. He's smart as a whip and polished enough to move up in national politics. He's pious enough to play well in the South and crafty enough to turn this loss into a springboard for another run.

Is this the racist anti-Ford ad?


Todd Stroger is a moron.

Victories in Massachusetts, Ohio, New York, Arkansas and Colorado means Democrats would control the governorship in at least 27 states, if they hold onto their own seats.

That ad is the one some are saying is racist because of the blonde who says she met Ford at a Playboy party.

Now, his handling of that is fantastic. It's a reference to the fact that he attended a Superbowl party hosted by Playboy in which THOUSANDS of people also attended. On Bill Maher, Ford said, "What can I say. I like football and girls. If that's a problem, don't vote for me."

Class act.

That's an awesome response. I like football and girls. Obama-Ford in 2008!

Oh yeah, I'm telling you Ford is far from gone. He'll be back soon.

So, Harry Mitchell who beat beat JD Hayworth in Arizona has the most fucked up hair in poltics right now. Seriously, dig this fatal comb-over:

Sneed on Chicago politics: "What would an election be without Republicans claiming voter fraud?"

John Hall, who was the lead singer for the 70s band Orleans (Still the One) has won his bid for NY's 19th District.

We're still having fun and you're still the one!

Alright, I'm going to bed. Goodnight, everybody. This was fun. I'll check back in in the morning.

Mo goes for Dems. 2 more to go.

So, if the Democratic candidates from Virginia and Missouri who have claimed victory without concessions from their opponents hold on and Burns' deficit in Montana holds, then Democrats control BOTH houses of congress. Shazam!

Former Governor of California, Mayor of Oakland, and Presidential candidate Jerry Brown comes back and wins Attorney General of California. This dude does NOT quit.

Jesus, 196 comments!

Not a bad morning to wake up to. Me likey...with room for more improvement in 2008.

And Jerry Brown to top the sundae!

Webb will come out ahead, but there will probably be a recount. Does that mean we can start all the "sore loser" comments that the Republicans used the last two elections?

But even if Webb won, equal rights in Virginia still lost. The Marriage Amendment was voted in something like 60 to 40. Way to go, Virginia. You look like the same backwoods, bigoted, ignoramuses that everyone rightfully thought you were. First laws banning interracial marriage, then sterilization programs, massive resistance, and now this. What a legacy. You should be ashamed.

That sucks steve-o. I wasn't aware how much of that gay marriage garbage was going on this time. Still, Allen getting the boot is sweeeet.

May I be the first to say:


where was my head??? i would have loved to ramble on about this real time. ah well.

mt and va are still an uphill battle. hopefully it will all be resolved peacefully and go thhe dems way. still, it's hard to think that there won't be a huge fight since it would give up control of the senate. plus, if allen goes down right now... the poster boy of the gop has next to no chance to run for '08. there's been so much talk about which dem will lead the pack in '08, but what about which rep will?

investigations... pelosi said she wouldn't impeach bush, but with conyers over the judiciary commmittee... it's going to be one hell of a fun time watching the administration squirm.

sure, va came off as a little bigoted, but the people have spoken. i will hand it to them for exercising their rights. hopefully the dems will be as prinicpaled as pelosi commented last night and they leadership will provide example and teach temperance to all. doubtful, but this is the sort of stuff that makes waking up after such a sweaping change fun. it's all about the "what if..." right now. so much potential. let's hope they live up to it.

AP is calling Virginia for Jim Webb, a scant 24 hours after the polls closed. Not bad.

That means the Dems have solid, undeniable control over both houses of congress.

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