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Rummy OUT!?!?

NBC News is reporting top Republican official has said Donald Rumsfeld will step down. This is major news and we'll be watching for updates and confirmation.



I just saw this. Neoconservatism, Rest in War!

rummy out... gates in. looks like bush sr. is helping clean up jr.'s mess. sr. lobbied to have rummy out earlier this year.

reference salon article (http://www.salon.com/opinion/blumenthal/2006/06/08/haditha/)

now gates is named as rummy replcement... former head of the cia for a president that is the former head of the cia. hmmm.... i'll put money that sr. finally got through to jr. and has broken the neo-cons grip on him.

just another sign of the great experiment of neo-conservatism is crumbling... rummy out, now what about rice and cheney?

The day keeps getting better. keeping my eyeballs on Virginia!

Anyone wanna start a pool over what kind of medal the president will pin on Don for the Awesome job he's done once the initial heat blows over?

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