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Rummy's Honey-Do List Leaks

Can't WAIT to get outta here...
If Donald Fucking Rumsfeld is saying it's time to boogie oogie oogie out of Iraq, then maybe, just maybe the President of the United States will listen. And maybe, just maybe, Toby Keith and Natalie Maines will run off to a fabulous wedding in the French Riviera.


Yes, all the talkers are doing what they do and talking about a memo Rummy wrote the day before the election (strictly coincidence, I'm sure) that says in no uncertain terms that it is time for a new plan because the old plan ain't shit.

"Clearly, what U.S. forces are currently doing in Iraq is not working well enough or fast enough," the memo begins.

Among the recommendations the outgoing (in so many, fabulous ways!) Secretary of Defense suggests are several that just months ago inspired a chorus of "cut and run" and "Defeatocrats" from blind Bush followers. The hits include:

  • Publicly announce a set of benchmarks (designed to get the Iraqis "moving")

  • Transfer more U.S. equipment to Iraqi Security forces (ISF)

  • Conduct an accelerated draw-down of U.S. bases. We have already reduced from 110 to 55 bases. Plan to get down to 10 to 15 bases by April 2007, and to 5 bases by July 2007. (Fewer bases, naturally means fewer troops, but where will they go...?)

  • Withdraw U.S. forces from vulnerable positions — cities, patrolling, etc. — and move U.S. forces to a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) status, operating from within Iraq and Kuwait, to be available when Iraqi security forces need assistance (AKA: the Murtha Plan)
  • And my favorite. Wait for it...

  • Begin modest withdrawals of U.S. and Coalition forces (start "taking our hand off the bicycle seat"), so Iraqis know they have to pull up their socks, step up and take responsibility for their country.
  • Next to Cheney and that pollhead Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld was the biggest Hawk in the administration. When even he, a true believer like no other, is losing his religion, surely the President can't be far behind, right?


    In just about every public statement since Bush got stood up for dinner with the Iraqi PM the President has made it clear that the US will NOT withdraw troops until the Iraqis can "succeed." Without a definition of success anyone with two ears and half a brain would accept, we're likely doomed to be in Iraq until Kingdom Come. If Iran and North Korea have their way, that could be sooner than later.

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