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Who Doesn't Love a Lil' Bush?

Wait until you see the sweet car they drive!Comedy Central is launching a new parody of the Bush White House with Lil' Bush, a cartoon depicting members of the administration as school children. CNN reports that one episode has the gang torturing cafeteria workers with techniques made famous at Abu Ghraib. The workers' offense? Serving falafel on hotdog day.

Will this latest lampoon fare better than Where's My Bush, the short-lived series from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Who knows? It's sometimes hard to write good material when real life is so unbelievable and skewering Bush is kinda like picking on a retard. t's just not fair.



The shorts from Amp'd Mobile where this started are online at Youtube.


"I like chubby nerds. They're smart, but have low self esteem. You can make them do stuff."

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