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Color IS the Issue: Green

Since Hillary announced her entry to the 2008 presidential race everyone's been wondering whether she'll be a vacuum for money, sucking up every available dollar and intimidating everyone else back into their shells. I've always believed Barack Obama was immune to this scenario—imagine the fundraising ability of a "hope" candidate who will also play to American's better desires for a non-white male president—and it appears I am not alone.

TPM Café is reporting that Obama has just bagged one of John Kerry's top moneymen. Mark Goerenberg is a California venture capitalist who has deep pockets and friends with pockets deeper still.

Top money men do not bet with their hearts. Goerenberg evidently feels Obama has the juice to go all the way. We'll see how many of his friends agree.



This is going to be very interesting. Already people are making favorable noise about Hillary. And why not? She can't help but NOT be the emasculating communist harpy she's constantly portrayed as. She's a bright woman, as qualified as anyone, with a lot of good ideas. What she brings is baggage. And much of her time will be spent deflecting it, while making lots of lame "let's focus on the issues" comments.

So much of what goes into the Hillary Hate Industry is grossly unfair, but by the same token, there is a lot she has brought on herself. And example is her kowtowing to the people who wanted her to bake cookies. She should have said "Fuck your cookies!" But that might sound like a Limp Bizkit song.

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