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Obama Fires Back

For fans of political dirty tricks, this week's "news item" that Barack Obama had attended a madrassa as a child is a genius move. I mean, this is highlight reel material. To imply, in this post-9/11 age, that an all-but-announced candidate for the US presidency is some sort of Islamist Manchurian Candidate is back room, finger in the eye, hard ball politics. It is the epitome of the politics of personal destruction. And when the shit hits the fan to turn it on ANOTHER Democratic candidate—better yet, a CLINTON--, well that's just the stuff of pure awe.

But now Barack Obama is fighting back.

Ensuring he's not Swiftboated right out of the running before he's even officially announced, the Senator from Illinoise released a scathing rebuttal to the nasty whisper campaign that was propogated to the national level by none other than Fox News. Clearly, Obama learned a lesson all Democrats should heed to address all attacks with vigor.

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