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One Down, Five to Go

The first of six bills Democrats promised to address in their first 100 days has passed in the House. The vote to implement measures recommended by the 9/11 Commission passed by a vote of 299-128, but some Republicans are already complaining about it—including the president.

Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) dismissed the passage as nothing more than posturing saying, "Democrats want to "look aggressive on homeland security." Rogers also criticized the fact that costs of the bill have not been fully addressed, let alone funding.

Similar legislation introduced a year ago had a price tag of $53 billion, according to an AP story. That's a lot of dough but it's a fraction of this Iraqi boondoggle we're in and is perhaps a better and more direct strategy to fighting terrorism in the US.

Bush has said he could not support the legislation but has stopped short of a veto threat. Just the same, why do I get the feeling that W is going to be a lot more free and easy with the VETO stamp even beyond these 100 days?

EXTRA: Just for kicks, check out this review of George W Bush's First 100 days in office.



If they merely wanted to posture, the Dems wouldn't have actually introduced a bill. The costs of the bill hasn't been addressed? If only the Repugs bothered to address the costs of the Iraq Occuupation...

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