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Passing the $1 Billion Bucks

Among the troop surges and nominal benchmarks imposed on Iraqi leaders President Bush is set to announce this week is reported a jobs program to get disgruntled, unemployed Iraqis off the streets. Yes, it's the same sort of program against which conservatives here in states rail as being "handouts" but with violence on the up tick and stability in the region collapsing, I have a feeling Newt Gingrich et al. will not bitch too much about this particular "entitlement."

But how will we pay for such a program? Well, don't ask John McCain, the early GOP front runner for 2008 and staunch supporter of Bush's war policy. All he knows is America's wealthy shouldn't have to pitch in.

Asked about whether he'd support a tax increase on the nation's wealthiest to pay for the reported $1 billion Iraqi jobs program, McCain responded, "I'm not sure what the point would be." Really? How about to PAY FOR IT?!?!

I guess it's too much to ask America's millionaires (nevermind the billionaires) to chip in a few bucks to help "spread democracy" and "transform the middle east." These are the same folks who have reaped millions in tax cuts during Bush's six years in office, or as WaPo columnist EJ Dionne put it, the recipients of $2 in tax cuts for every $1 spent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"And conservatives wonder why we have deficits," said Dionne.

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The irony here is that American CONservatives have created an Iraq that must suck at the American taxpayers' collective teat. Imagine if we spent half of what we spend on Operation W's Ego on healthcare...

Here's the thing I've noticed about John McCain since he's started fingerfucking with the idea of running for president: if he's got to suck the Republican dick then he'll get on his knees without hesitation.
This cocksucker almost, ALMOST, makes me as mad as some of the usual Republican targets; the only reason he's in the position of frontrunner is because there's a notion that he's some kind of "maverick." Yet now he seems so incredibly willing to whore out to the right-wingers, thereby shoring up all facets of the Republican delagates to get the nomination. The irony here is that he doesn't need to; I think that he would have a better shot at winning the election if he would just stick to his convictions instead of catering to the conservative base. But whatever: the Democrats had better make this a primary focus against McCain (including going negative on him) with the intention of getting him on the fence early. I don't think McCain thinks very highly of Bush and the more Democrats can tie him to being a Bush patsy, the more McCain will get pissed off. A pissed off McCain is a nutty McCain. The more of this we see of this, the less chance he's got at winning the general election.
McCain knows this is his last chance at the the White House, and one thing he's never been good at is hiding his emotions. So get him on the defensive early and show the true colors of the Senator: a cranky old cocksucker that's making the same fucking mistakes that contributed to him becoming a POW in the first place.
Other soldiers shouldn't have to go through the same thing as you did, Senator, and your fucking Straight Talk Express is carrying nothing but a load of bullshit.

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