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PolJunk News Quiz

What do the following people have in common, and who are they?
• Mike Gravel
• Duncan Hunter
• James Gilmore
• Tom Tancredo


All of them have announced that they're running for president or have formed exploratory committees. As for who they are:
• Gravel (D) is a former senator from Alaska (he's announced)
• Hunter (R) is a representative from California (announced)
• Gilmore (R) is a former governor of Virginia (exploratory committee)
• Tancredo (R) is a former representative from Colorado (exploratory committee)

And you thought it was all about Hillary, Obama, McCain, and Giuliani, didn't you?


Mac, add Romney to that list. He just announced today from the Ford Museum in Dearborn. You should have been there to cover it.

You may read upon Duncan Hunter here:

Phil: Well, there's actually also Vilsack, Kucinich, Brownback, Huckabee, and Thompson, too, to name some others. But those other four? My.

And don't forget Richardson, Biden, and Fatty Arbuckle (going for the youth vote).

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