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Former Sec. of Navy Torpedoes Swiftboater Nomination

Former deputy assistant secretary of the Navy, decorated former swift boat skipper, and combat veteran drops some science in an op-ed attacking President Bush's nomination of Sam Fox to be ambassador to Belgium: "And as a military man, it doesn't matter much who is being attacked — John McCain, Max Cleland, John Kerry, or Jack Murtha — I just don't believe that assaults on the military records of veterans belong in our politics."

As a left-leaning independent, I am constantly shocked and amazed at the Right's ability to get away with shit like the Swiftboat ads and the truly shameless attack on Max Cleland. I think it's the clearest and most egregious example of how low the Right is willing to sink for political gains. As the son and grandson (and great-grandson, etc., etc.) of war veterans, this shit makes my blood boil.

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It is enormously frustrating to me as well. The consolation is time, and watching these guys get called out.

But I have to wonder if the swift boating of John Kerry didn't contain some grains of truth. 2 reasons--You'd think he'd have nipped those guys in the bud when he had the chance, but he never did release his records. Why not? Also, would the Swifties against JK have stuck their ass that far over the line simply to play a partisan game?

I was very against them at the time, but now I wonder.

Kerry signed up and went and that alone should count for a lot right there. I just don't get why he didn't defend himself more vigorously.

John Kerry released his records in 2005 (http://www.boston.com/news/nation/washington/articles/2005/06/07/kerry_allows_navy_release_of_military_medical_records/).

I think there's valid criticism in his refusal to fight the smears imediately. It was a political sucide, for sure. But it's also a bit like blaming the victim. Don't let Kerry's inability to refute the claims somehow legitimize them.

And the point of this post was to cast shame on those who would attack veterans when they seek public office. Unless we're talking about bald faced lies on their record or criminal acts committed during their service, who the fuck are we to question the bravery and conviction of those who have served? It's tasteless and should be run out of politics.

I can remember the 2000 GOP primaries and the whisper campaign around McCain's sanity. "Who knows what they did to him in those 5 years. Maybe he'll crack under pressure..." Shameful.

PS: Kerry's full release in 2005 gave no more substantive info than the limited release he consented to years before.

All the more reason for a FULL release when it counted.

If you look at his behavior on the topic--it's maddeningly, frustratingly evasive.


If someone is accusing you of something, and they're having a negative effect on your life, expose them as liars! Don't give me this crap about taking the high road--NIP IT IN THE BUD.

And now McCain is shaking hands with The Bushies and hiring their campaign guys.

This fucking world is crazy.

We're on the same page there. Why Kerry didn't give a full release right from the get go, I don't know. But again, let's not equate his lack of fight with the heinous nature of the attacks in the first place.

McCain is done, I think. His whole game was wrapped up in being a maverick and a different sort of straight shootin' politician. That's clearly horseshit now.

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