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No One At the Wheel of the Straight Talk Express

Asked a simple question, McCain seems to get confused about his own position on whether he supports tax payer funding of contraception in Africa where AIDS is devastating an entire generation.

Suddenly the straight talk became halting and confused. "We are on the Straight Talk Express," he admitted, before equivocating. "I'm not informed enough on it. Let me find out ... I'm sure I have taken a position on it in the past ... I have to find out my position on it ... I am sure I am opposed to government funding. I am sure I support the president's policy on it."

Anyone who thinks McCain is the level-headed centrist who is fiscally conservative yet socially moderate need take notice that his advisor on such matters is none other than Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn, who ardently opposes contraception distribution of any sort. To that end, McCain couldn't even say for sure whether he thought the use of condoms prevent the spread of AIDS, which is an established fact in the medical and scientific community. Of course, when your courting the lunatic fringe of the conservative movement, you have to suspend fact and science.



If I'm not mistaken, Coburn's legislative friends in OK pressed for a measure to ban allowing girls in public schools from entering restrooms more than one at a time so as to prevent the rampant spread of lesbianism. I'm not making this up.

Well, everyone knows lesbos breed in gilrs bathrooms.

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