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The Perfect Politcal Storm

Andrew Sullivan sees a gathering storm that could not only sink this administration, but dismantle the modern Conservative movement.

Add them up. We witness another horrifying suicide bombing in Iraq, murdering dozens of Shiite pilgrims. There is damning evidence that U.S. attorneys were leaned on by Republicans before the elections to bring cases against some Democrats - and the ones who refused were then fired. The vice-president's closest aide has been found guilty of perjury over whether he and his boss tried to discredit a critic in the summer of 2003 with respect to pre-war WMD intelligence. The guiltier parties - Rove and Armitage and Cheney - are still in power. We now see shameful neglect of injured veterans under the very noses of the defense secretary. On the intellectual front, we have now seen a conservative icon reveling in bigotry in full view of the national media and at the same podium and on the same day as Giuliani and Romney. Any one of these stories individually is damaging. Together, they exert a hurricane-strength storm on the Bush administration and the conservative movement.

One can hope...



Dismantle the conservative movement? Hell, this IS the conservative movement! All those negative reports are products of Liberal Media Bias! Just ask a conservative. If the Liberal Media would just shut up the Administration would look as righteous as ever...

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