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A Green Cab company in San Francisco

Those San Francisco liberals are at it again...

First, those treehuggers on the city's Board of Supervisors banned plastic bags at large supermarkets and chain pharmacies.

Now, eight San Francisco cabbies - who I like to call "America-hating hippies" - have started a green cab company. The company, called Green Cab, will drive only hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles. Their first (and only) cab is a Toyota Prius, painted green. They hope to have at least 5 cabs in their fleet within the next five months. From the article:

The inaugural Green Cab was getting 41.4 miles per gallon on Wednesday. That compares to about 12 mpg for a Ford Crown Victoria, the typical San Francisco taxi, Gruberg said. In addition to benefiting the environment, the use of gasoline-sipping cabs also benefits taxi drivers since they pay for fuel themselves.

That's a huge leap in fuel efficiency, with the added benefit of lower gas costs for the drivers. Is it going to stop global warming? No. But is it a step in the right direction? Absolutely. And other cab companies will surely follow.



They banned plastic bags? What do they pick up their dog poop with? Or do they just pick it up with their hands and rub it in their hair? Goddamned smelly hippies.

They have professional dog walkers take their dogs to Oakland.

I'm just glad somebody started another cab company in SF. This oght to ease the strain on the four cabbies who previously ruled the Streets of San Francisco. I once got fucking soaked trying to find a cab in that filthy city. Never did get one.

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