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Another Republican raided by the FBI

Representative Rick Renzi's (R-Ariz.) family insurance business was raided by the FBI this past Thursday (April 19) in southern Arizona. That's the second Republican congressman to get a visit from the FBI in the past week and a half. The other, of course, was Rep. John Doolittle (R-Calif.). His northern Virginia home was raided by the FBI on Friday, April 13th.

They have both responded similarly. Both claim they are innocent, and both have commented that they look forward to the truth coming out. Both have given up seats on powerful House committees: Doolittle gave up his seat on the Appropriations committee. Renzi gave up his seat on the Intelligence committee.

You know what's extra interesting about this one? One of the eight fired US attorneys - Paul Charlton - started the investigation into Renzi. Before he got fired.

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