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Attorney General clears self of wrongdoing

In today's Washington Post, Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales clears himself of wrongdoing in his editorial "Nothing Improper". He also commits his department's resources to finding out who is, or is not, at fault:

I have nevertheless asked the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility to further investigate this matter. Working with the department's Office of Inspector General, these nonpartisan professionals will complete their own independent investigation so that Congress and the American people can be 100 percent assured of what I believe and what the investigation thus far has shown: that nothing improper occurred.

The Office of Inspector General is currently run by Glenn A. Fine, who has done a great job of objectively investigating justice department activities - like FBI abuses of national security letters - so the results should be interesting.

Stay tuned for the AG's testimony in Congress on Tuesday, April 17. It should be entertaining!

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