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Boston to plant 100,000 more trees

Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced today that Boston will plant 100,000 new trees over the next 10 years. A recent tree survey put the current count in Boston at 500,000 trees, which cover about 29% of the city. When this project is finished, they estimate that the tree canopy will increase to 35%. Most of the trees will be planted in the city's least green neighborhoods, and the city expects to reap a range of environmental benefits. From the article:

Environmental benefits are among the biggest reasons for the surging interest in tree-planting, specialists said. Trees remove pollutants from the air and cool urban neighborhoods by absorbing heat and providing shade. They absorb storm water that would otherwise run into city sewers ... And because they absorb carbon dioxide, believed to be the main culprit in climate change, they are seen as a way to help offset carbon emissions.

Last Sunday (Earth Day) New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that over the next ten years, NYC would add 1 million new trees to the 5 million the city already has. Bloomberg also hopes to start charging $8 for each car to enter the city, and $21 per truck. All part of his clean air plan for the city.

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