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Boyz in da Hood - McCain, Graham Go to Baghdad

Poor John McCain. Determined to bolster his point that there's been progress in Iraq and to undermine the lambasting he took for saying there were neighborhoods in which "you and I" could walk freely, the old boy went out and did just that,a ccompanied by spunky sidekick Lindsey Graham. Unfortunately for him, NBC Nightly News didn't get their blocking noted from his advance team and showed McCain in a bullet proof vest and reported that he was accompanied by "100 American soldiers, with three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships overhead."

That's a bit more than the pepper spray and switchblade I carry on the El, but he DID walk "feely" among the people.

VIA ThinkProgress



What's so unusual about rollin' with 100 soldiers and a few helicopters?

I mean, when I step out, I'm always surrounded by a bevy of heavily armed warrior Amazon women (aka "mah bitchez") and they ususally have a few teams of 9mm slinging rottwielers in tow. I never have a problem in my neighborhood.

Not true. People think you're black.

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