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Cult of Personality - Strata-Sphere Drinks the Kool Aid

Anyone not sure of the Cult of Personality Jude detailed in his April 3 post, A Cult of Personality, In Living Colour, look no further than AJ Strata at the Strata-Sphere. This is maybe the best example of how some conservatives will twist their ideology to support a bumbling President who, for some reason, has captured the hearts and minds of some of the more gullible of the lot.


Strata's main beef is the idea that some "cons" might side with their beliefs in law and order and the tradition of politics not trumping justice instead of supporting President Bush and his beleaguered Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who conservatives never liked in the first place.

And WHY should conservatives ditch their basic beliefs to support this cause? Because President Bush "stood by this nation and had confidence we could pick ourselves up after the hits we took on 9-11." Right, because any other President would have quit on the spot and retired to the south of France. Not Georgie, no sir! He stayed on the job and "put all his personal capitol on the line to bring us back to economic stability, beat Islamo Fascism and protect us from attack." Yes, you read that right, Strata says Georeg W. Bush beat Islamo Fascism.

Now, I can understand making a political argument for defending a cabinet member under attack, which Strata does with weak simplicity. Instead of defending the President's constitutional right to appoint whomever he chose for cabinet positions, Strata instead says conservatives need to fend off the mean old democrats. But nevermind all that, you OWE it to President Bush to support a man who is diametrically opposed to traditional conservative values of limited government and the rule of law.

"Fair weather cons who crumble now will be remembered for one thing," Strata warns. "- quitting on Bush when he needed support."

I think cons, especially of the neo variety, are much more worried about being remembered for supporting the erosion of civil right in the US, human rights abroad, the expansion of federal education oversight and Medicare programs to the detriment of our fiscal and legal stability. Oh yeah, and they helped launch an illegal and catastrophic war under false pretenses.

But hey, who would you rather have a beer with???


The comments in the Strata piece are well worth reading.

Bitches be stealing our thunder.

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