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Domenici feels the heat

Last Thursday, the AP did a story suggesting that Pete Domenici - after 35 years in the Senate and over 13,000 floor votes - might be considering retirement when he's next up for election in 2008. Why? Well, he is almost 75, but the actual reason he may retire is because of all the heat he's taken for his role in the US attorney purge scandal.

An article in today's Albuquerque Journal describes Domenici's personal appeal to the White House to have U.S. Attorney David Iglesias dismissed. The Senator "wanted Iglesias out." He appealed directly to Karl Rove, who initially brought it to the President.


What is most striking is that, according to the Journal article, President Bush and Senator Domenici had a phone conversation about Domenici's unhappiness with Iglesias. The timing of the conversation is also noted:

The conversation between Bush and Domenici occurred sometime after the election but before the firings of Iglesias and six other U.S. attorneys were announced on Dec. 7.

The first time Iglesias' name showed up on a list of attorneys that woud be asked to resign was Nov 15. After the election, but before a final decision had been made. And, in all likelihood, afer Domenici talked to the president. So much for the White House having no involvement in the attorney purge at the Justice Dept.


You're right. The fact that this MAY show how Bush might have been personally involved in the firings is the real point. I think Old Petey is beong forced into retirement.

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