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Don't press delete...

I love the smell of congressional oversight... it smells like... victory? justice? morning in america?

This whole White House/RNC email accounts thing - and all the missing emails - looks like it's getting ready to blow up. Henry Waxman, chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has issued a directive to the Justice Department not to delete any email communications to or from RNC email addresses - georgewbush.com, rnchq.org, and the like.

According to the letter Rep. Waxman sent the Attorney General (Raw Story has a copy), there are "roughly 50" White House aides who have or have had email accounts with the RNC. And there's lots of missing emails...


The letter describes a gap of 3 years, maybe more, where the RNC did not archive emails from the White House aide accounts. For at least 15 of the accounts, the RNC says they have no email records. It looks like this is all information culled from discussions with the RNC's legal counsel, Rob Kelner. Another tasty tidbit: According to the National Journal (described at ThinkProgress), Rove does 95% of his emailing with an RNC account. Yikes! And of course, Waxman gives special mention to Rove in his letter. Hello, Presidential Records Act!

The letter directs the Attorney General to provide the committee with an inventory of all related emails by May 3, 2007. Mark it in your calendar.


Now you listen here! Bush is the Commander in Chief! Revealing these emails would only give aid and comfort to our Enemies!

Insert RNC talking points here...

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