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McCain Makes Changes to Campaign

Reports throughout the news today detail McCain's efforts to realign his campaign staff. The AP reports that the "campaign is eliminating some non-senior staff positions and cutting some consultants' contracts," both of which can only be a good idea for the former "straight shooter" turned Bush suck-up.

Whoever is responsible for advising McCain to throw away his one differentiator as a Republican (as a Maverick, no-shit, straight talker) should be run out of politics. To advise the Senator from Arizona and Vietnam War hero to attach his wagon to the limping Bush presidency is nigh on political lunacy.

This is a far cry from a death knell though. Even though it's hard to think of a candidate who came in third in fundraising and regularly polls at least as low among his base as the "front runner" we can't forget that Reagan, George HW Bush, and Bob Dole all had major stumbles and faced upstart challengers on their way to the Republican nomination. The GOP is a party that lives by seniority and process. The nominee is almost always the guy whose turn it is, and it's McCain's turn. Of course, he may have been wiser to take a pass in '08...

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