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Millions of bees are dying...

Here's some post Earth Day sunshine for you.

Bees are dying. Millions of them, in the US, Europe, and elsewhere. More than 24 states in the US alone have seen substantial die offs this year. And people are freaking out. Why? Because human beings need bees to live. No bees, no pollination, no fruits and vegetables (or not enough of them, at least). Einstein once said, if all the bees disappear, humanity will have four years to live (!).

The experts are calling it Colony Collapse Disorder. But they don't know what's causing it. There's speculation it could be pesticides, or it could be genetically modified crops. There are even some scientists claiming it's caused by cellphones. Which led Bill Maher to ask the question: would you give up your cellphone to save the bees?

Maybe this isn't that big of a deal. But everything I read this weekend about it is raising alarm bells for me. It seems that scientists and beekeepers are at least puzzled by it, if not outright panicked. And if it's true, it's a more immediate crisis than global warming (which is already a pretty substantial crisis for humankind).

Luckily, I already gave up my cellphone, but for a different reason. So I'm covered on this one.



Thank you for your sacrifice, Mike.

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