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Monday morning roundup: Republican malfeasance

Some highlights of Republican misdeeds to brighten your morning:

- Bush official resigns, linked to D.C. prostitute service: Randall Tobias, who ran foreign aid programs in the Bush administration, resigned from the State Department on Friday, after being identified as one of the Washington regulars at a high end call girl service.

- Tenet accuses Rice of dropping ball on terror threats: In his new book, Tenet reiterates that as National Security Adviser, Rice ignored terror warnings pre-9/11. Rice hit 3 different Sunday talk shows to do damage control this weekend.

- World Bank board likely to ask for resignation: It's almost certain that the board will ask Wolfowitz to resign this week. Charitably, they hope to find a way to push Wolfie out while letting him save face in the process. A gift he surely wouldn't return, if the tables were turned.

The Republican party: Moral and honest leaders, tough on national security, and .... incompetent hypocrites?

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