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Office of Special Counsel investigates Rove, White House

More good news. A federal investigative agency has opened a major investigation into political activities on government time by Karl Rove and the White House political arm. From a Chicago Tribune article:

... the Office of Special Counsel is preparing to jump into one of the most sensitive and potentially explosive issues in Washington, launching a broad investigation into key elements of the White House political operations that for more than six years have been headed by chief strategist Karl Rove.

The investigation will be looking at the missing emails issue, possibly the US attorney purge, and other potential violations of the Hatch Act. What's particularly noteworthy here is that the Office of Special Counsel is part of the Executive branch - so the investigation is basically coming from within the administration - and the current head of the OSC is Scott J. Blochs, a Republican political appointee. Not a Democrat. So the White House can't call it a witch hunt.

Here's hoping Karl Rove gets his in the end...



Of course, this might just be a ploy to create a controlled investigation that conveniently finds that nothing illegal has happened.

Jude, I'm shocked, just shocked. What could cause such cynicism? The Bush administration is nothing if not honest and above board.

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