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Professor Fired Over V-Tech Discussion

A professor at Emmanuel College was fired after leading a disucssion on the Virginia Tech shootings that included the educator pointing a marker at students and saying "POW." This despite being encouraged by school administrators to engage the students in discussion. The professor, Nicholas Winset, posted a defense of his actions on YouTube.

"A classroom is supposed to be a place for academic exploration," Winset, who taught financial accounting, told the Boston Herald.

Is this academic exploration or imporoper behavior?



Well, his firing is a ridiculous overreaction born of phony concern and cowardice.

Was it appropriate to the course he teaches? Probably not; and that could be grounds for SOME discipline.

But come on.

You know the joke when a guy gets up to pee and someone says "Remember, if you shake it more than three times, you're playing with yourself"?

The VT has been shook more than three times.

I am really starting to hate our "news cycle."

I am really starting to hate our 'news cycle.'"

Dude, I could not agree more. The 24 hour news cycle has been making me feel crazy. The drive to report ANYTHING as news is maddening. To then define something as "breaking news" when it's not even "news" makes me nuts. I often see under the banner of "breaking news" reports that nothing has changed since the last report. Seriously, like now news is breaking news.

Yesterday The Smoking Gun was reporting on the gunmans purchase of many rubber duckies. No shit. Rubber duckies.

Re: 24 hour news cycle

Turn in, tune out, read Cute Overload. That's been my strategy since November 3, 2004, and I've never been happier.

Seriously though, is there any reason to ever watch the cable news channels? Just check the internet a couple times a day and take control of your own news cycle. The power is in your own hands!

Oh usre, but I do like to check the news channels as well to see how things are being covered. It's then that I see how banal news reporting has truly become.

Jake - if you enjoy cute overload, I would highly recommend shaking your tail over to the dailykitten.com or the dailypuppy.com. Makes the nightly news go down like a spoon full of sugar. Hell, you just may become diabetic.

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