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Saudi terrorists trained in Iraq

You probably already heard about the 172 terrorist suspects that were arrested by the Saudi government on Friday. A seven month investigation led to the breakup of an alleged terrorist ring, plus the seizure of a buried cache of weapons and over $5.3 million in cash. On the surface, good security work by the Saudis, which may ultimately lead to more arrests.

But there's something about this that could be a sign of things to come, and it's all because of that war in Iraq that the Bush administration started. Remember the 2006 National Security Estimate? The 2006 NIE indicated that the Iraq war has increased radical Islam, and that Iraq itself has become the primary training ground for Islamic terrorists. And today's New York Times article seems to provide evidence of that:

Officials said that the suspects had trained abroad, in Somalia, Afghanistan and especially Iraq. The chaos in Iraq has fueled radical ideology among the region's youth, while providing an environment for militants to train, analysts here said.

So is this how the Bush administration is making the world safe from terrorism?

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