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The Snowman is back!

After a five week absence due to a resurgence of his colon cancer, Tony Snow is back as the White House Press Secretary. No more contradictory, dishonest, or bellicose statements coming from Dana Perino. Instead, Tony will do the honors. Again.

And really, why wait to get started on the lying? First day back is as good as any. According to ThinkProgress, Snow was up to his old tricks (lying) in his first interview with CBS's Early Show, when he asserted that the White House never tried to suggest a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein. Of course, we know that's not true, and ThinkProgress provided one example of the White House doing exactly that. In an Iraq speech in October 2002, Bush had this to say:

We know that Iraq and the Al Qaida terrorist network share a common enemy: the United States of America. We know that Iraq and Al Qaida have had high-level contacts that go back a decade.
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