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Willie ducks charges for marijuana possession

Good news. Willie ducks the law. Again.

Willie Nelson, his sister Bobbie, his tour manager, and two drivers got charged with marijuana possession after a routine search of their tour bus. Why can't they just leave Willie alone? The man started a biodeisel company! In any event, they fined Willie and his tour manager, but dismissed charges against Bobbie Nelson. The important thing: No jail time.

And this is probably as good an opportunity as any to share my favorite Willie Nelson quote:

Me and my dog used to hunt rabbits up in Hill Country. Four or five years ago, I was up there visiting my cousin....I said, "Cecil, where are all the rabbits?" He said, "I ain't seen any rabbits in years over here," and I said, "Why?" He said, "Pesticides." I said, Well if pesticides will kill rabbits, won't they kill people?" I'm here today to represent the rabbits."

He said that at a Congressional hearing, at some point. I saw it quoted at a museum in Baltimore. I can't find a reference to it anywhere else, though.

Did I forget to mention this? They found some mushrooms on the bus, too.



Well, good on Willie.

I've heard people say you don't want to be anywhere near his stash. You wake up two days later by a tree in the park and have trouble remembering your name and where you left your shoes.

Willie is an American icon. There's just nobody else like him, and I'm glad to see him come out on top of this one. If you haven't checked out Across the Border, it's a great record produced by Don Was back in the 90s. It's got a handful of "special guests", which is usually a recipe for disaster, but it works well for Willie on this one.

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