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Wolfowitz's last ditch plea

On Monday, Paul Wolfowitz will be given an opportunity to defend himself. The investigative committee appointed by the World Bank's governing board has granted Wolfowitz's request for an audience before they decide his fate. But regardless of how things go on Monday, his fate may already be decided:

... even as the committee prepared to allow Wolfowitz to make his case, a senior bank official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, suggested that members of the committee had already decided to recommend Wolfowitz's ouster, casting Monday's appearance as a last-ditch appeal before the panel pronounces judgment.

Wolfowitz is under pressure to resign because he arranged a sweet deal for his girlfriend that involved a $60,000 raise, and pressured a U.S. government military contractor to hire her as a consultant. And probably a little bit because he's one of the primary architects of a failed preemptive in Iraq, that has cost this country hundreds of billions of dollars and over three thousand American lives, without an end in sight.

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