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Bloomberg: It's up to the world's mayors

At a mayor's summit in New York yesterday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg called on the world's mayors to take the lead in fighting global warming. According to Bloomberg, the cities of the world are responsible for 80% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and should provide the leadership on global warming that national governments are not (that means you, Mr. President and Congress). Bloomberg also discussed his plan for New York City. From the article:

Mr. Bloomberg highlighted what he called "our greenprint" for guiding New York City's development over the next 23 years in an environmentally sustainable way. Expecting 900,000 more residents by 2030, he said, the city would focus on encouraging the use of cleaner and more efficient heating and cooling systems and appliances, upgrading heavily polluting power plants, promoting greater use of renewable power and reducing transportation-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Mayor Bloomberg also announced that the city has joined the Climate Group, a "nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change."

Bloomberg is the mayor that Rudy Giuliani could never be. The contrast between the two is stark. NYC needs Michael Bloomberg, and I hope he stays put rather than try for the Governor's mansion or the White House.

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