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Bush: truly worst in history

After getting pilloried by the Bushies for his "worst in history" comment, Jimmy Carter retreated from some pretty damning statements made during a BBC interview. But he was right, and a quick run down of some of the stories in today's New York Times provides up to the minute evidence of the Bush administration's "worst in history" performance:

- U.S. Rebuffs Germany on Greenhouse Gas Cuts: This one is the most infuriating. The Bush Adminstration stands alone in the world in their denial of global warming and the need to do something about it.

- Missile Defense Test Is Halted After the Target Rocket Fails: A $10 billion dollar a year boondoggle. Whose only real success to date has been severely pissing off the Russians, who are making all sorts of threats about missle defense in Poland.

- Panel Wants to Hear From Justice Official: With Monica Goodling telling the House Judiciary Committee that ex-Deputy Attorney General McNulty wasn't entirely candid in his own testimony, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) will be calling him back in for questioning.



Saying Bush is the worst President in US history would be letting him off easy. Carter was kind.

I was disappointed when Carter pulled back from his on target assessment of the Bush administration. And he rightfully nailed Blair for enabling them. It's probably just the beginning of bigger and louder voices calling this administration out.

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