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Conservatives Seek Return of The Terror?

Who's next?
Conservatives often confuse me. Well, modern conservatives anyways.

I am not sure how to read this bizarre posting on The Jawa Report (great name, by the way):

"Hopefully, Sarkozy can keep his momentum and grand vision for France going at a good clip. The real France sounds like its coming back- the France we knew circa 1776."

The post concludes with a painting of the Storming of the Bastille, which not only happened in 1789 (not 1776), but was the launching of the French Revolution wherein we found the French Monarchy overturned –the very government who supported the American Revolution and contributed substantial naval support that played a pivotal role in our defeating Britain—and the begining of the Reign of Terror that saw thousands of "counter revolutionaries" purged via guillotine.

Crazy history always getting in the way of a good point!

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