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Happy Birthday, Paul David Hewson!

That's right. It's Bono's birthday. Again. The global poverty activist and front man for U2 turns 47 today.

I still remember when Joshua Tree came out... and I'm not afraid to say I loved that record.

But even more interesting is the role Bono has been playing in international politics since, I don't know, the late 90s? He's inserted himself into global debt relief issues and AIDs relief in Africa. Given his status as a mega-rock star, he's been able to open doors that others have not. He's been able to meet with Bush, the Pope, and many other world leaders as a result.

He was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, 2005, and 2006.

I was going to upload a funny picture of Bono with President Bush, where Bush looks kind of like a monkey, and Bono looks like he has three arms. But I can't figure out how to upload pictures through the publishing platform... yet.

Celebrate Bono's birthday by checking out his NGO - Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa (DATA).

Update: Now I know how to upload pictures, so here's that Bush/Bono picture I told you about:


Tell me Bush doesn't look like a monkey. A happy, chipper monkey. But a monkey.

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