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Monica Goodling: Thug

What else can you call someone who poisons the Justice Department with political and religious based hiring practices? Lots of things, I guess, but not things I want to say here.

The New York Times reports today on the nefarious behavior of this inexperienced, blatantly partisan Justice Department official with no real lawyering experience and an axe to grind.

She's not a thug in the traditional sense - as far as I know, she does not have "Thug Life" tattooed on her abdomen, and she's not "from the streets" - but her actions at the Justice Department have been a lot more damaging to the nation than typical thuggish behavior. From the article:

Ms. Goodling would soon be quizzing applicants for civil service jobs at Justice Department headquarters with questions that several United States attorneys said were inappropriate, like who was their favorite president and Supreme Court justice. One department official said an applicant was even asked, "Have you ever cheated on your wife?"

Ms. Goodling also moved to block the hiring of prosecutors with résumés that suggested they might be Democrats, even though they were seeking posts that were supposed to be nonpartisan, two department officials said.

Only in the Bush administration. The end of his second term can't come fast enough.



It's time to start thinking of investigating this administration as organized crime or as anti-American subversives. Every rotten layer you peel back just gets more corrupt.

Expect a lot more of this shit coming out as the neo-cons continue their implosion. At this point nothing would shock me.

That's right. It'll take decades to repair the damage these guys have done. Impeachment isn't "on the table", though, is it?

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