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Obama's Secret Service detail

Today, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff authorized a Secret Service detail for Senator Barack Obama (D-IL). According to the Associated Press, this is the earliest a presidential candidate has ever been assigned a Secret Service detail. Good or bad, another campaign first for Obama. The Secret Service did indicate, though, that the decision was not based on a specific threat or threats.



I really hate to say this, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if some Right-wing racist fucktard assassinated Obama if he wins the nomination. Hillary too for that matter. There is a lunatic fringe that simply will not stand for a President who isn't a White Man. Watch for some kloset klansman to martyr himself by pulling the trigger and getting caught by both the police and the inevitable media circus. These people are convinced that the Democrats will usher in Amreica's demise and they will do anything to "save" their beloved country.

Well, that's why his wife was concerned about him running. And it's a risk for any presidential candidate. And it certainly isn't hard to get a gun in this country, as we've seen. But I certainly hope nothing like that, for any candidate, happens. It's too traumatic for the country. We'll just have to hope the Secret Service knows what it's doing.

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