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Poll: Obama overtaking Clinton

Every Monday, Rasmussen Reports releases the results of a new poll on the Democratic primary. For the first time this election cycle, Rasmussen released poll results that show Obama overtaking Clinton. Obama barely squeaked ahead with 32% versus Clinton's 30%. Edwards is a distant third with 17%.

Other interesting data from recent Rasmussen polls:

- 57% of likely voters believe wealthy Americans should pay higher taxes
- 43% believe Attorney General Gonzales should resign
- 57% want the troops home now, or want to see a firm timeline for withdrawal put in place
- 52% opposed yesterday's Bush veto of the Iraq war spending bill



I'd say I don't understand why Hillary is still considered the de facto nominee, but never underestimate the power of money, the fecklessness of the press, and the stoners who love Obama but not enough to get to a primary.

If you can remember back to 2000, Bush had been anointed long before McCain's buzz had peaked.

Well, we are still pretty early in the primary, and it ain't over til the fat lady sings. So yes, anything could happen at this point.

But I think the signs are pointing to Obama - he raised the most money in the first quarter of the year, from the most donors (100,000), and he pretty consistently lights crowds on fire (not literally, of course - that would be bad). He's going to be subjected to more scrutiny as the primary season continues, but then, so will Hillary. And in the end, I think he'll stand up better than she will to that scrutiny.

Hey Mike, tell all that to Howard Dean.


Still sore about Dean, eh? I like Howard Dean as the head of the DNC, but I never thought he was presidential material. Howard Dean is no Barack Obama. There's just no comparison.

In substance, no. But Dean had all of what you just posted in the summer leading up to the Democratic primary. Don't get me wrong, I am a Obama fan and am pulling for him, but insurgent candidates have a hell of a time actually winning. It actually rarely happens. Bill Clinton comes to mind. Jimmy Carter is another. Everyone else was pretty much the presumed nominee, expecially since our Primary system is moving earlier and the convention is basically a meaningless party and coronation.

Great White for president!

Yeah, but the 1st quarter numbers for Obama are just astounding - $23.5 million to spend in the primary from 100,000 donors. No one else matched that, including Hillary, and I gotta think - aren't both those numbers unprecedented in the first quarter of a presidential primary race?

Abso, and I am hoping this is all building to a fantastic victory for Obama. I'm just saying we're a long ways out and this system is not kind to outsiders--even popular, money raising, Senatorial superstars.

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