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Polls don't lie: Bush at all time low

At least, polls don't lie when they say what you want them to. If they say something you don't want them to say, you just say polls are unimportant. Everybody wins.

But Newsweek has some new, important polling data that says exactly what we want it to say: Bush is at a lowpoint in his presidency in terms of public approval (and pretty much every other term...). And as a result, the current Republican presidential candidates don't fair so well against the Democratic field.

Bush is at a 28 percent approval rating, which is the lowest this particular Newsweek poll has ever clocked him in at. The last president to match him at that level was Jimmy Carter in 1979. The poll also asked likely voters about who they would vote for in the 2008 presidential election. A Democrat won in every match up.

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