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Rice meets with Syrian counterpart

The Bush administration decided to take a seat at the adult table today, as Secretary Rice met with her Syrian counterpart, Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem. It was a short meeting - 30 minutes - but it was the first significant diplomatic contact between the two governments in about two years. That's right, two years.

Secretary Rice made it sound like a successful play date. From the NYT:

Ms. Rice characterized her meeting with Mr. Moallem as "professional," adding that "I didn't lecture him, and he didn't lecture me."

Other sources tell me that there was also no biting, scratching or eye rolling at the meeting. A significant step for the country's number 1 diplomat.

No professional interaction with Iran, though. We're too busy pouting. Would I be violating the rules by posting a second Daily Show clip in two days? I'm going to do it anyway... Here's Jon Stewart on the child like behavior of the Bush administration in foreign affairs:

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