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Surge v. Surge

Word from the front is that the insurgents have launched a bit of a surge to meet our own, which reminds us at POLJUNK of Newton's Third Law of Physics: Every Action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction.

While I can't say for sure whether OUR surge is working or not (because nobody can seem to define "success" in Iraq), I will say that it seems to me an increase in violence would NOT be an indicator of said undefined success. Maybe I'm wrong though. Maybe this is some double-Machiavellian plan to destabilize the entire region, keeping the Arab world at each other's throats, and thus, away from ours. But does anyone really think this administration is that smart?




A counter-surge is proof positive that the surge is working! You see, they're so threatened by our success that they are stepping up their attacks.

Bush has used this logic to explain past increases in violence.

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