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The governator blasts Bush, the EPA

In a Washington Post op-ed piece yesterday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-CA) and Governor Jodi Rell (R-CT) laid into the Bush administration for not doing anything to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and for blocking efforts by states like California and Connecticut to take action on their own, in the absence of action by the federal government.

Both governors are Republicans, and the Democratically controlled Congress should take some lessons from them on how to frame the issue and take meaningful action, despite the stonewalling by the Bush administration on global warming and every other environmentally responsible action the rest of the country wants to take. Here are some juicy quotes from the piece:

It's bad enough that the federal government has yet to take the threat of global warming seriously, but it borders on malfeasance for it to block the efforts of states such as California and Connecticut that are trying to protect the public's health and welfare.

Malfeasance - one of my favorite words. And some more choice words from the two governors:

Even after the Supreme Court ruled in our favor last month, the federal government continues to stand in our way.

Another discouraging sign came just last week, when President Bush issued an executive order to give federal agencies until the end of 2008 to continue studying the threat of greenhouse gas emissions and determine what can be done about them.

To us, that again sounds like more of the same inaction and denial, and it is unconscionable.

Yep. More of the same from the Bush administration - petulant footdragging and inaction. Good to see Republicans taking them to task on this issue, too.

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