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Wolfowitz continues to step in it

What a mess Paul Wolfowitz has created for himself. And he just keeps wallowing in it. Talk about a petulant child.

Why does he want to stay at the World Bank so badly? It's clear that he's lost the confidence of at least two thirds of the bank, probably more. It's a perfect picture of how the Bush administration approaches an issue, though. With the exception of a few, often unusual allies, the rest of the world (or the country) lines itself up on one side of an issue, with the administration on the other. Despite the fact that logic and the evidence are cleary against the administration's position, they dig their heels in, and start attacking the other side. That's what we see here, that's what we see in Iraq, and that's what we see with Gonzales. And global warming. It's remarkable, and unfortunately, it's been pretty successful for them.

I don't see why the bank doesn't just fire him. What could be simpler? As the committee report notes, Wolfowitz has "had a dramatic negative effect on the reputation and credibility" of the bank. Isn't that reason enough to escort him to the door?

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